Sock Thief

Puppies are constantly inventing new ways to be bad. It’s fascinating. You come into a room they’ve been in and see pieces of debris and try to figure out what you had that was made from wicker or what had been stuffed with fluff.  – Julie Klam

We have been considerably lucky with Koda where the destruction of furniture is concerned. If we’ve ever had to worry about anything, it’s food. Most recently being what a lot of people crave, chocolate. Though that’s a long and worrying tale for another time and another post.

At the beginning, there were occasions where he would start to tear at the carpet, mainly when our bedroom doors were shut and he wanted to get in, but just through gasping and saying (quite loudly) ‘What have you done?’ He was able to pick up relatively quickly that chewing the carpet wasn’t the best decision.

And so his love of toys and chewing them until the stuffing spills out begins.

I’d say around one hundred small bears, hard balls, soft balls and funny shaped food and animals, have been destroyed in the past three years. We may have also lost a few socks and a couple of pairs of slippers along the way but I can see how they may be confused for toys.

Besides, how can you deny this sweet face of an odd sock every now and again?

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