An Escape Artist

Have you ever felt your heart drop? Your hands clam up, your mouth drys out and you lose all the words at the tip of your tongue.

From a puppy, Koda has given us many of those moments. I can look back and laugh now, knowing that he’s curled up at my feet and dozing off. But those times where he’s ran, chasing everything and absolutely anything, have been horribly worrying.

I remember a day when my sister came back from taking Koda for a walk with a couple of friends and their dogs, she was out of breath, her eyes were wide and her cheeks red…

‘I can’t believe him! Chasing a bird out of the park! A bird, seriously! It flew up and he carried on running across the road and towards the shops. He scared us. I’m so mad!’

Thankfully there were no cars about and Koda just decided that actually, laying outside the shops was exactly what he wanted to do. So, panic over! Koda was fine, my sister and her friend however, were not.

It’s funny really, he now won’t step a foot outside of the park until we say it’s time to go. Still keen to chase birds though, but improvements are there nonetheless.

There have also been other times where he’s wiggled out of his harness, ran out of the front door at the first opportunity, ran out the garage door and into next doors garden (stealing one of their dogs toys while he was at it), chasing a squirrel but not quite making it up the tree, and of course, trying to chase motorbikes. But never once batting an eyelid.

I have this thought that Koda imagines himself to be invincible.

Wouldn’t that be great?

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